Hello! This is a blog about being nearly forty, working part time, being a girl with no kids and having a love for road trips in my van, mountain biking and surfing. I revel in being crap at both sports and my stubborn refusal to grasp the technical aspects. I have a simple philosophy: bikes and boards are for riding and smiling about, not fiddling with! I think bikes look better and more loved when caked up with mud! x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

No posts for a while.....

Was having a nice break biking in the forest of dean and surfing in Wales in the early part of October. Then my dad took ill and was rushed in to intensive care. So I rushed home. He sadly died a week later.

I am very sad and can not think of anything to write.

I did think that nothing else bad could happen to me after this - that this had to be the end of the run of bad luck that has been plaguing me all year. However my Fox Talas forks have broke and can not be repaired. I am too broke to replace them. I had to ride my hard tail today. Everything is just crap.

Talk to you in better times.


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